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"Dr. Malba is an outstanding Doctor of Chiropractic. He is passionate about his patients and his practice. Dr. Malba is also an excellent motivator and inspirational practitioner. Our family has been seeing him for many years and he has helped us all with our various ailments and has kept our bodies "finely-tuned" - I highly recommend Dr. Malba!"

- Ihor A., Clifton

"Dr. Malba is an AMAZING chiropractor who truly loves what he does. He is thorough, warm, knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and genuinely cares about his patients. His adjustments were exactly what my body needed...they were smooth, careful and precise. I couldn't ask for a better experience. If you are reading this, you're at the very least curious about how Dr. Malba could help you. Call to make an appointment. You won't be disappointed."

- Andrea S., Hillsborough

"Dr. Malba has been a fantastic chiropractor to my son and me. My son has ADHD and when he started seeing Dr. Malba, his symptoms were minimized. Dr. Malba was always there for us when we needed him. I give Dr. Malba the highest recommendation for going more than the extra mile for his patients."

- Lois S., Elizabeth

"I used to experience headaches three times a week. Chiropractic care helped to alleviate my headache pain but most importantly it continued to keep me healthy. I contribute chiropractic care to never calling out sick from work for the past 21 years. I continued chiropractic care through two full term pregnancies. My two children have been adjusted by a chiropractor since they were 2 months old. Chiropractic care also has kept my two children very healthy as they have been awarded perfect attendance in school many, many years.

I remember the first day I met Dr. Malba in April 2002. I felt the kindness in his eyes when he smiled meeting my children and me. That kindness continues to be felt these past 9 years and cherished. I remember one spring day, after being adjusted, on the ride home, my fourteen-year-old daughter, turned to me and said, “Mom, I think Dr. Malba is pretty cool!” I greatly appreciate Dr. Malba and all he has done.

In my opinion, what makes him stand out among others is his excellent listening skills and the interest he shows in his patients. It amazes me that he remembers to ask me about my vacation from three weeks ago and he remembers where we went. Dr. Malba takes an interest in my children’s lives and they look forward to telling him about a recent success or event they just experienced. He accomplishes all of this while adjusting us with his wellness approach providing us motivation to be healthy. Sometimes I find myself in a bad mood, and I visit Dr. Malba because seeing him and feeling his positive attitude puts me right back into the perspective I need.

Since I became a patient of Dr. Malba's, I no longer experience headaches. I am so grateful that he was able to diagnose my problem, correct it with the advance techniques he uses and provide me the maintenance care that I need. It sure feels good not to experience a headache after 17 continuous years!"

- Connie P., Rutherford

"I began treatment with Dr. Malba over a year ago. I was desperate. My neck was immobile, my shoulder’s were cramped, and my general posture was completely crooked. I left a desperate message at the office to plea for help. Dr. Malba returned my call quickly and came into the office on his day off to evaluate my condition and offer me immediate relief. Within 2 weeks I was about 80% improved. I have a reverse curve of the neck, which is impossible to change overnight. I was (and forever will be) grateful for Dr. Malba’s competence and the quality of his care.

Chiropractic is now an integral part of my life. My posture is improving, my neck, shoulders, and back are in great shape, and I can be the best “me.” I can do all the physically and mentally challenging things that define who I am, and I have the emotional stamina to be an active member of my family, my friendships, and my community. I need this body to help me achieve my goals and meet my expectations of myself.

Additionally, if I am feeling tired or lazy due to everyday responsibilities and stressors, a visit to Dr. Malba puts some pep in my step and improves my mood. Pain and discomfort is tiring. Chiropractic care is invigorating. My physical well being is one of the most important sources of my stamina to be a full-time mom to my energetic, precocious, and charming 2 & 4 year old daughters. Actually, my 2 year old accompanies me to all my appointments, and she believes herself to be a valued participant in the chiropractic care I receive. Dr. Malba’s unconditional welcome and acceptance of anyone in his presence, and his serene, nurturing interpersonal style appeals to all ages."

- Sonja N., Clifton

"Whenever I walk out of my visits with Dr. Malba, my head immediately feels lighter, my energy soars through the roof, and any lingering stress is obliterated. I have finally found one pain killer that works consistently - my chiropractor!"

- Amy B., East Hanover

"My son was born with muscular torticollis. He was unable to turn his head at all to the left. At one month old, I took him to get checked. After a few weeks of chiropractic care he was turning his head from left to right with no problem. I think his adjustments with Dr. Malba have contributed to his health as an infant."

- Deanna D., Lake Hopatcong

"I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the ease of scheduling. I'm more health conscious and more thoughtful of my posture since becoming a patient of Dr. Malba's."

- Greg O., Woodridge

"I love the friendly staff, the quotes of the week, and the yearly softball game. I have less aches and pains and more energy. I love Dr. Malba!"

- Nicole L., Paterson

"The music is very relaxing. I think Dr. Malba is the nicest doctor I've been to."

- Alexandra H., Belleville

"My favorite thing about the office is Dr. Malba's professional manner and bedside manner. He is truly a gem!"

- Lucy B., Nutley

"I love the sayings on the board. Since I've been getting adjusted I have less pain which makes me happier. Doc does a great job! His calling is helping people and he is very good at it."

- Janice B., Clifton

"There is a true sense of being so welcomed and the great feeling like a high once you are adjusted. Dr. Malba really cares about his patients. If God put more people on this earth like Dr. Malba the world would be a better place."

- Connie P., Rutherford

"I like the peaceful atmosphere and easy relationship with the doctor and office personnel. It's a really nice way to start the day. Thanks for the help and for allowing me to ride my motorcycle again."

- Al L., Nutley

"I really like coming to see Dr. Malba and getting adjusted. He helped me a lot. Dr. Malba is the best chiropractor!"

- Mary Ann A., Nutley

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